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WordPress Website Design and Setup

Beginner’s Guide to Search Engine Optimization (SEO)

More relevant content posted at regular intervals with the right formatting gives better organic search results = better conversion.

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Google’s Search Engine Optimization Starter Guide

titles, keyword density,  post and page length, originality, images with captions and descriptions, link strategy (internal, external, and back), balance between timely and timeless articles.

Facebook only shares posts from fan pages with Google – not posts from regular personal profiles.

By linking to Google+ profiles in search results, they create an advantage that no other social media service can duplicate.

Jim Yu SEO Articles

Mobile Marketing Facts:

  • Pinterest users spend 92% of time on mobile, while Twitter users choose apps over their desktops 86% of the time.

Cost for social media setup and maintenance (Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.)
Instagram for business – social media is everywhere
Free fonts for website design in Colorado Springs

The case to end blog comments

Google+ Tips

  • Here’s how to select the circles or people you want to share with on Google+
  • Google’s SEO Strategy
  • Notice anything odd about your Google+ profile? Does it rank incredibly well in Google’s search results for your own name? Colleagues note that their G+ profile now outranks other online identities that they’ve worked for years on. My own Google+ profile, just 5 months old, ranks #2 for my name. It now ranks higher than both my Twitter and Facebook profiles, even though I use those services far more often.
  • Profiles aren’t the only thing ranking. Individual Google+ posts frequently appear in search results as well.
  • Following more than 1000 people may not create a practical social experience, but it creates a great SEO opportunity. The more your content is shared in other people’s streams and profiles, then the more your content is crawled, indexed, and deemed important by search engines.
  • My public Google+ profile contains a wealth of information, all visible to search engines
  • 140 character limit prevents most tweets from reaching the definition of “rich” content.

10 Simple Tips to Take Advantage of Google+ for SEO

Google+ personal, business profile view count underneath name and location.

Social Media

Social Referrals: YouTube Google+ and LinkedIn are the clear winners in terms of engagement but not in terms of volume.

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