Website design examples, blog cost

//Website design examples, blog cost

Website Cost

Cost range for most of our small business projects is $900-$1,500. The exact amount of time needed depends on the amount of content, graphic design and functionality. Click here to tell us about the website you want to design or redesign. Average cost for website management depends on the number of edits to your website.

If you have a small budget and want to save the most money, we offer a DIY package. Let us know if you’re interested and we’ll send you more info.

Examples of Colorado Springs websites we’ve designed:

See more website design examples by 720MEDIA.

Website Maintenance

For routine website maintenance, our blocks of time are the most affordable option. This is a cost efficient way to manage your web design and website maintenance.

Website Real-time Tracking

There is an awesome real-time tracking tool that we recommend for keeping tracking of visitors on your website. This helps you better understand visitors coming to your website. Cost is $59.99/year and can be purchased by clicking here.



About the Author:

Taa Dixon is the co-founder of 720media, offering website design and marketing since 2000.

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