WordPress Website Security Upgrade

///WordPress Website Security Upgrade
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Sale Price: $180.00
Retail Price: $225.00

With our WordPress Website Security Upgrade, we’ll tighten up the security for your WordPress website. Usually, we can find the bad code or virus just by installing the proper security plugins, scanning and upgrading WordPress to the latest version.

If the virus/infection persists after this upgrade, there would be an additional fee of $89.99 (see Deep Clean Malware Scanning below), but that’s usually not necessary.

What we’ll do:

  • Backup your website files and database
  • Upgrade your website’s WordPress installation to the latest version
  • Upgrade the plugins to the latest versions
  • Change database prefix, admin username, hosting server and website logins
  • Install and configure plugins with the following functionalities:
  • – Scan your theme files for potentially malicious or unwanted code
    – Scan the installation and check the file and folder permissions
    – Scan for malware, spam, blacklisting, htaccess redirects, hidden code
    – Protect your website from comment and trackback spam

Place your order below:

What we’ll need from you:

  1. Website hosting control panel link, username and password
  2. FTP hostname, username, password and remote folder
  3. WordPress username and password into the website
  4. Username and password for your account at WordPress.com

Extra solutions, if needed:
Deep Clean Malware Scanning ($89.99/year)
Includes malware cleanup (no page limit), website integrity monitoring, manual website scanning and blacklist removal.

Please note that some WordPress themes may require customization in order for them to work properly with an upgraded WordPress installation and this would be a billable extra cost (the time needed to customize at our standard hourly rate). Additionally, some plugin upgrades may effect the current performance of the website and any fixes needed would be a billable extra cost.

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